Bad person versus bad choices


If someone lies to you, or says something hurtful, or makes a wrong choice that has a negative outcome for you or others, then society has conditioned us to see them as a bad person.

It is all part of the shaming culture. Someone lies, they are a liar, which is a label that sticks and the ‘liar’ feels that is what they are and there is no redemption, no way out.

Instead, it is better to see that people make bad choices, and that doesn’t make them a bad person. A bad choice can be corrected and the person has a chance to learn and adjust their behaviour going forward.

We all are trying to do the best we can in life for ourselves and our families etc, no one sets out to do bad things.

Once you can accept this, then it is easy to let go of others bad choices, to forgive and to move on.

There is no benefit from labelling others as bad.

We may choose to move on from that person if they keep repeating the bad choices or if they are having a negative impact on us.

But it still does not make them a bad person.

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