Goals and values


If it gets the same result, then why not use whatever method necessary to get to the goal?

In our microwave world, where the ‘hustle’ is seen as the way to do things, get it done whatever the ‘costs’ and it has to be now, means that how we achieve that goal is less important than the goal.

However, it is not possible to have a goal that matches our true values, yet then achieve it in a way that would be contrary to those values. That would mean that we have not reached our true goal but a watered down version of it.

If you want something no matter how you get it, then that is fine, but very few of us would find that matching our true values and would not really find that very meaningful or ethical.

Even if it takes twice as long, I would rather stick to my values, to my true goal, than simply settle for something less that can be achieved in any way possible.

Values will always last, will always be meaningful and it will avoid the need to sell our soul to reach a false goal.

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