I bet you have more possessions than this bloke


I posted this today on Facebook, about Rob Greenfield, who’s story I have been following.

He now has whittled all that he owns down to 111 things.

I love this. I am always saying about people and not things, and this demonstrates that all we really need in life can be fitted into a big backpack.

I’ve been as guilty as most in the world of buying more shit than I needed, so much so we even moved to a bigger house to cram more in.

Well, all over the world, all of our houses, lofts, garages, sheds and storage units are full to the brim. The landfills are full too with all the stuff we thought we needed.

Yet depression and loneliness are ever increasing.

We work all hours to earn the money to buy all this stuff, that we believe will enrich our lives and make us happy. It won’t.

Focus on people, activities and the memories that will create for you and the people who matter.

The rest of what we need in life, other than a backpack of 111 things, is love, kindness, empathy, compassion, and people who share our values.

This all lives in our minds and the minds of others, and unlike a backpack, it has no limit to what we can store.

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