Same action, same result


It seems as a human race we go round and round the same circles, never stopping to question what the F… we are doing.

We go around these same repeating patterns of hate, judgement, retaliation, war, violence, and then comment with surprise or condemnation when the event occurs. Well depending on what part of the world it happens in.

We listen to the voice of the media, which is run by the very people who are the cause of what is happening, and we take in the hate, the judgement and fear. That’s how they get us to accept what they do in our name.

Be curious, question and do not accept to be part of it.

We have been sold for decades this neatly package story of the good vs evil. Who decides what is ‘good’ and what is ‘evil’? Nothing is ever that black or white and it is all a matter of opinion.

In Syria, over 250,000 people have died and 12 million people have been displaced on the side of the ‘evil’. A neat word displaced that has been created by the media to anesthetise us from the reality. How about saying 12 million innocent people have had their lives totally ruined and fucked and for what?

We the 7 billion who inhabit this planet are being fed a crock of shit by the tiny elite who control us all. Stop accepting things, stop believing the good vs evil story and start believing in the human race.

The events in Brussels, Ankara (might not have heard about that one, no white Europeans involved), Paris, and the places that the so-called ‘evil’ live, only here it happens every single day, will keep repeating unless we do something different.

In 2015, The US dropped over 23,000 bombs on Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and other ‘evil’ people. What difference has it made?

Well, apart from the same people who profit from war, it has made things worse.

Same actions = same results.

It is time to stop supporting this and try some different actions.

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