It’s not a sprint


Ease yourself back to work, back to whatever you’ve been having break from over the last week or so.

There is so much pressure to get started on the year and to do all these things that you’ve been planning for the start of a new year.

However, it’s the classic tortoise and hare race, the tortoise will win, as life is not about how quickly or how much you do.

It is about creating the very best that you can and realising that takes time to craft the best. To truly reach your life goals takes patience and the ability to know that it’s not a quick sprint, just because it’s January.

Do less and achieve more, take your time and give it your best. If you do too much, you’ll have to settle for ‘good enough’. Why let yourself down by not allowing the time it takes do your best. Not perfect but your best.

No more sprinting through life, saviour the twists and turns of the amazing journey that is our lives.

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