New Year’s resolutions

new year

Here’s my list:

1. Don’t bother.

The end.

If you need the date to change between one day and another to motivate you to live a full, happy and meaningful life, then a giant list of things to change ain’t going to make that happen.

Most people fail with their New Year’s resolutions by mid-end January.

This is to do with too many unrealistic changes set to be achieved all at once, and more importantly due to not having mentally committed to making those changes.

A change in the date is not the basis for making things happen. You have to know why you are here? What is the purpose you want to achieve in your life, your why. You need to know what your life goals are.

Then you can make slow, sustainable and meaningful changes throughout your life because you are inspired to do so, that is not related to an random change of a number on a calendar.

Kick start changes in your life for a reason that matters.

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