Step off the discontentment treadmill


Today, I am at my monthly mastermind group that I go to in Birmingham, run by my coach Debbie.

We wrote some things down on notes a few months back that we were grateful for. While eating lunch we went through what we wrote.

My three were:

1. I’m alive (thankfully I still am!!)

2. I have great friend(s) and family (apparently adding the ‘s’ was getting carried away)

3. I have all that I need.

Number 3 is what matters to all that we focus on in life.

If we all take a moment to look at what we have, instead of the programmed assessment of what we do not have, then it is amazing how differently life looks.

I would be bold enough to say that the vast majority of us already have everything that we need in life, and once you focus all your energies on what you have, and stop being pulled down by what you do not, then your whole mindset will change to a totally positive outlook on life.

That’s where I have been for a while now, and it is so liberating to think only about the things that you have and forget all that list of things that you are discontented about not having.

The consumption driven industrialised world has trained us all to be discontented and the only way to become contented is to work hard for all these things, material things, that we do not have.

We are lead to believe by owning yet more and more things, most of which will fill the landfill, it will make us content. Yet once we have that new shiny thing, there is always another thing that we do not have, and so the cycle continues.

So step off the consumption and discontentment treadmill, and choose to focus on what you already have. I guarantee that you will be happier, more fulfilled and successful in achieving the meaningful things in life.

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