Are you transmitting the right messages?


Are you transmitting the right message to the world?

What you look for in life is what you get. But you will only get the things that you want by sending out the right message too.

Many people miss the opportunities that drift past us all the time in life, often every day. Simply because they are not looking for them, and even if they are, they are not transmitting the right messages to attract those opportunities to stop by.

When we are buying a new thing, say a blue car of a particular manufacturer, it is amazing how many more of those exact cars we see, and in the same colour. That is part of the equation. If I ask you to focus on the colour red for a minute and then look up. You will immediately notice the red things around you first.

The other part of the equation, once you look for the right things, you will realise that others do not know what we are looking for or want, unless we tell them in a clear, genuine and inspiring way.

You need to look for what you want, and tell others what you are looking for. That way, you will bring a whole host of the right opportunities for you, to you.

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