You never know


When you first talk with someone, you never know at that point where that conversation may lead.

Yet all too often, we are pre-programmed to judge people and their potential worth to us.

We look at someone’s business card and title, then decide whether or not to talk with them. We ‘target’ people based on all sorts of judgements, and sure experience will give us a view on these things.

However, if we approach meetings and conversations with an open mind and a willingness to go with the flow, then it is amazing just what might come up. This is part of the magic of life, that too many are willing to forgo for a quick fix.

One of the biggest obstacles to this happening is the culture of instant gratification, where no one is prepared to wait for results to happen. Yet the most successful people, have a long-term thinking and know that small things, done regularly and well, build momentum and results come. They realise that a curious and open mind is more likely to unlock the best things in life.

Not only do things happen, but for the patient and committed, bigger results come, than for those who took the short cut, to instant and short-lived outcomes.

It takes hard work and time to create anything of substance and meaning, don’t be tempted by low hanging fruit.

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