Is there a right or wrong?


We are living in interesting times, we are seeing a huge change in the world, we are facing many things that the human race has not yet experienced.

I now accept that we can not be 100% certain that anything is the truth, especially as I have discovered in life, that many of things that the system tells us is the ‘truth’, has turned out to be anything but that, often a cynical ‘myth’ created to control us.

This has now become a sophisticated art, especially as we find the world’s media is largely in the control of just 6 corporations.

So the question is a very pertinent one at the moment, what can we really say in ‘black or white’ terms is 100% right or 100% wrong. Most things have always been different shades of grey, and nothing is completely right or wrong.

The reason is, that us homo sapiens, using our cognitive minds, have created laws or myths, or cultural norms, or ‘acceptable’ behaviours which are imagined things, not real physical things. These things that we have created are therefore just a creation and can be created however the creator sees fit. That does not make the creator right.

Thus it is all open to the interpretation of the person or persons creating the myth, the cultural norm, or deciding what is ‘acceptable’ or not.

It is all after all an opinion, that is then turned into a rule or a law, or just something accepted by the masses. Often the accepted behaviour has conditions attached to it, normally coupled with fear to ensure compliance.

Sadly in our world today, the established order is dictating more and more their views as the only acceptable voice, and is adding yet more and more punishment for not complying. There is now almost no alternative voice to be heard.

We must have alternative voices, we must debate what is right or wrong, rather than have a single myth become the law, rather than a small few being the arbiters of that. If we do not have that ability to debate that fundamental question, then the fate of humanity is bleak.

The danger of just accepting one voice is, that right or wrong is an opinion and no one group, no matter how much money or power they might possess, can not always be right.

Therefore, there isn’t any right or wrong, instead there should be a consensus on things, that incorporates many view points, leading to balance and thus removing the chance of one strong interest dominating.

Question what we are being told as the only ‘truth’.

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