The only hope


The only hope for humanity is to tread a new path.

Do not go back to the old path of hate, judgement and anger. That path leads to misery, death and destruction. That path has brought us to where we are today. The repeating pattern of hate has lead to many millions, if not billions, of humans to have had a miserable and shortened life.

Choose the path that believes that all us humans are equal, choose the path that will lead us to show love, kindness, empathy, compassion, support and help to everyone.

I have faith that we can change, we can become humane, and that we can choose to love rather than endlessly hate.

We can only make a difference if we all do our little bit to change the world. Support each other in spreading a message of change. It takes courage to have a different voice, however, the world, the human race, needs all of us to speak up and to help create an alternative to hate, violence and destruction to people, animals and our environment.

My thoughts go out to all the people on this planet that suffer from the hate of others.

I am choosing love over hate, as it is the only hope.

7 thoughts on “The only hope

  1. How do you erase thousands of years of hatred? It would be nice if we all just learned to forgive and forget but some of the pain in our world runs deep. How do u fix that?

  2. It’s a paradox, the answer is for us to act as individuals, yet at the same time increasing individuality can be the barrier to achieving this goal. Perhaps

    1. I just think we all need to do our bit and connect with like minded people to grow a stronger voice. But each one of us has a responsibility to turn away from hate

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