Let it go


Often we hold on to things that are said, or things that are done to us, we hold grudges, or we resent things. We sit and mull over things again and again, playing out scenarios in our heads and imagining what we might have said, and how we are perhaps going to ‘right’ the perceived injustice.

These can be things that we’ve held onto from childhood, from school, all our lives, like carrying around what feels like several back packs, full of hurt and injustices.

We hold onto them in relationships, ready to use as ammo when conflict occurs, or we hold them inside eating away at us.

The thing I have learnt in life is to let them go, to forgive and to move on. There is nothing to be gained in the slightest from holding onto things, they only create negativity, lead to bad feelings and nothing is achieved from holding on.

Forgiveness is a powerful thing, and like any habit, once mastered will make a huge difference to your life. It’s hugely important to be compassionate with ourselves and equally with others too, it makes for a better, happier world, and after all we have no time machines to go back and change it.

It is now and the future that matters, nothing else.

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