Painting at night


There are many choices in life and there are no right or wrong answers, as apart from when it hurts others, the choices we make and what that outcome looks like to us, is all that matters.

We often think far too much about what are going to do or not. Whether to create something or not. Whether to share something with others, or to leave it uncreated.

Last night at midnight, we drove up a track to a view point in the middle of nowhere in Fuerteventura Spain, and we choose to create different effects night painting using luminous juggling balls and long exposure photography.

The results were amazing, and when it was my turn, I decided to create a happy face, to reflect upon one of the best choices I’ve made in a long time, to come to this coworking camp in Fuerteventura organised by Copass.

Often in my life I have said ‘I’ll do that next time, when I’m less busy’ or some other excuse, as ‘less busy’ is an excuse and it never happens.

Choose night painting, choose happiness and share your creations.

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