When is the ideal time?

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We often sit and contemplate ‘when will be the best time to do ‘x’?’

Then by default, we are programmed to risk assess the situation and the possible ‘dangerous’ outcomes of doing something. This comes from 100,000’s of years of evolution. We now know that there are no real physical dangers posed by doing most things, apart maybe from signing up to train to become a lion tamer.

Then there are the emotional dangers, the fear of being made to look foolish, the things that stop us doing many things.

The longer we sit and think, the longer we have to compile the list of excuses, and we’re super good at this, left long enough, we’ll come up with a gem of an iron proof get out.

The only ideal time to do something is as soon as possible, and if it is important, as in going to make a difference to your life and of others, then now is the ideal time.

This is because, if we think too much about anything, which always happens with the more important things, we’ll excuse ourselves from showing up.

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