I don’t fit in

FullSizeRender (1)

All my life I have never wanted to fit in.

But like most of us, we become compliant and the fear tactics of our society ensure continued compliance.

I decided enough was enough and I have been on a journey of change.

It has taken me 4-5 years of unlearning, and the process is not complete by any means, to start to become a rebel again. To take away a lifetime of scarring from the shaming process, that we all have to go through to ensure we comply, is no easy task.

The more I become a rebel, the less I will be popular, and I can hear you say ‘who said you were popular anyway’. I am learning that the more people disagree with what you say, the more difference you can or will be making.

It is a vulnerable place not fitting in, but I’d rather chance it, than be in a world that is sterilised, homogenised and with little tolerance of anything ‘different’.

So I am looking to connect with other rebels to cause a stir. Anyone?

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