Commitment is often difficult

Sometimes you just have to commit and do something.

The easy route of instant gratification, while enjoyable for that moment, is never a long-term winner and often leads to regret.

Commitment is often difficult because we look at the big picture, think what’s needed to achieve it and then talk ourselves out of it. We then do lot’s of unimportant things to feel busy and justify to ourselves why we are not doing the more important things.

Commitment is a long-term thing and is about doing many small things really well. Doing them day-in day-out and over time the ‘compound effect’ kicks in, that Darren Hardy explains brilliantly in the book of that title.

So little perceptible change occurs to start with, in fact it may be many months until all that commitment starts to make any difference, but as your momentum grows and grows, then the changes will take off.

It is learning this commitment and patience that most of us find a challenge, especially if like me you are not overly patient. But we have to resist the temptation to give up in the early stages, when nothing seems to come back from the hard work you put in.

Day after day, if you keep doing those small steps well, then things will change and change beyond what you thought is possible.

So whenever you feel like stopping, remember that just one more day might be all it takes to get that result you have been working hard to achieve.

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