One thing

Thursday afternoon I spent a great couple of hours sat in the lounge at the hub with Debbie Huxton, I always enjoy her visits and our chats, putting the world to right. They always help me to sort out my latest challenges too.

So, If you could do one thing, simply one thing in your business, what would that be?

Sometimes we are all guilty of over complicating our lives, of setting too many tasks and ending up spinning all those plates. Most of which end up in pieces on the floor.

I find that I am impatient to get to where I want to be, I know all the steps and set myself these unsustainable list of things, which I start, but never finish. It’s not that I don’t want to finish them, it’s because there are too many.

So the one sure way of getting to where you want is to say what is the most important thing that will take your business one step closer to that destination right now.

Focus on that and that only. Go for it with out faltering until its complete. Then move on to the next most important thing.

And so the process will go on and sooner than you would imagine you’ll be a lot closer to that destination.

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