Imagine a game

Imagine if you could get a game, but not a game you’ve bought online or downloaded on to your PS4.

Imagine it was a game that had no pre-destined outcome, it had no rules, no minimum or maximum numbers of players. The map wasn’t restricted to a certian size, the game was truly without any pre-set limits.

From the outset, you could design the game play, choose the characters, where the journey went, what places to go, things to build and so on. You could decide how every part of it went.

However, like any good game, there would have to be consequences or outcomes, that would occur as a result of your choices. Otherwise, there would be no point.

The fact is, we all have this game already, not quiet from birth, as we can’t make all our own choices, a number are made for us. It is our lives.

You only have the one life, unlike other games, where you can start again from the beginning or the the last save. But you set the rules and you decide everything.

What would we all do differently, if we saw our lives as a complete blank canvas, that we could freely create our own outcome on?

If we all could see life as a game, we’d all be less fearful, we’d end up with less regrets and we’d more than likely do the thing that makes us happy.

So what’s stopping us?

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