Have an open mind

Perhaps it’s an age thing, but sometimes we can all get caught in the trap of shutting ourselves off to ideas or new things, often based on not very much.

We get this notion in our head that something in life or business just isn’t for us, or won’t work because we’ve seen it, been there, done that and not just got the T shirt, but the whole shop full of T shirts!!

I had fallen into that trap over recent years, however, in the last 6-8 months I have really opened my mind to lot’s of things I had, in my infinite wisdom as I got older, dismissed as not for me, won’t work, etc etc

And guess what? I was wrong about things, not all, but a good number of things I had dismissed.

Just how far have I gone, well I’ve now tried meditation, yoga, having more days without eating meat, using Facebook, and more recently even being converted to…..writing this with gritted teeth…LinkedIn. I’ll spare you the entire list, but there are many ideas or other opinions that I just blocked out previously.

Once you realise this ‘open mind’ thing is good, it becomes addictive and makes you realise in life that most things are not black or white, right or wrong. After all, do Amazon sell the manual for life itself? No? really, and they sell everything, so I’m guessing it doesn’t exist.

So my thought today is a simple one – keep an open mind, you’ll be utterly amazed by the results.

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