What others think about you

We spend a huge amount of wasted energy on a daily basis thinking about what others are thinking about us. In fact, the reality is we are imagining what others might be saying or thinking, we have no evidence, but no matter, we carry on anyway and we create it in our minds.

None of what we create is ever very positive and it only has a purpose of creating emotional pain and ultimately even physical pain.

The reality is, others are doing exactly the same, they are too busy wondering what others are thinking about them to even be wasting a thought on us.

The best thing is to accept that others might at some point have an opinion of us, it does not matter and it despite what our mind creates, it is not always a negative opinion that others have of us.

Life is better if we stay in the moment and just observe the mind and give it no judgement, that way what the mind is saying isn’t real and we are giving it no energy to continue.