Many businesses, especially larges ones, work on the premise that customers suffer inertia.

This is particularly true of insurance, mobile phone companies and so on, where there is an annual contract or longer and it just repeats month after month. Most of us have more important and exciting things to do than check our contracts and charges constantly. So the money keeps rolling out.

Then we become aware either by chance or we discover it, that there are much better deals available.

You could say well it is up to us as consumers to check and why is it the companies fault. Partly this is true.

However, when you find out that you’ve been paying more than you needed to for a year or longer and the company stayed silent you tend not to feel too warm towards the company and often, at the first opportunity, we go elsewhere.

Smart businesses aim to keep communication going with the customers. More importantly, from the outset, they adopt the right values and staying silent and hoping your customers don’t notice, is not one of them.

Customers are people to be valued always, it’s a long-term relationship, not a relationship based on using inertia as a strategy and hoping they don’t spot better options elsewhere.

Marketing, an inside job.

Many businesses talk about how important their people are and then do little about it. They are too busy marketing to the outside world.

A business is a myth, it is not a real thing, it is a thing in the ether, a thing registered on paper. What makes it real, makes it human, brings it to life are the people. They are the tangible elements.

Every single thing that a business does is marketing and the delivery of the service comes from people, the staff of the business. Employees make every single business.

Happy, inspired staff, make for happy inspired customers and those customers spread the word and that brings new customers to be inspired.

So marketing to staff the vision and story so they are inspired is more important than telling the outside world. Passion comes from people not about us pages on our websites.

Marketing is an inside job.