Why there are different pencils


On my desk, at home, there is not a single pen, as in a normal black ink pen.

I never write, well I do huge amounts of daily writing on my Chrome Book, but not on paper with a pen.

I do however have a range of different coloured fine tip pens, coloured pencils in a jar, acrylic paints, watercolour paints, pastels, and a range of 12 different lead pencils.

Life, like drawing, is better when not everything is the same shade.



Colours are never what they seem, they are not defined, as we are taught them to be.

The sun is not yellow, the sky is not blue, grass is not green, trees are not brown and blood is not red.

Skin is not white, brown, pink, yellow or black.

We all see colours differently with our own eyes and not one colour is just one shade. It changes simply by the light, perspective and how many times you look at that colour.

The myth makers who try to control us, all want us to see a black and white world.

See the world in all it’s wonderful shades and let’s change the myths.