Terror on every corner

Terror on every corner, stealing, murder, danger, disease, viruses, people who are out to get us…and so on. This is the collective fear of the world, yet in reality, over a lifetime, just how many times have we faced these threats in real life and not in our minds?

The answer for the vast majority is hardly ever, yet we continue to fear them, fuelled by the collective mind that we connect with. The collective mind sells fear, it is a way of controlling.

Think back to any previous moment in your life and there was always some danger being peddled, either by our parents, teacher, boss, media, government, and so on.

None of these happened outside of our minds, they couldn’t possibly have, otherwise I wouldn’t be typing this as I would have died in WW3, of aids, of ebola, of Zika, of C19, of year 2000, of oil running out, of the planet melting, of famine, of war, of plague, of…My mind has had them all fuelled by the matrix we all connect to.

The reality is the world is what we believe it to be. If we choose what is actually happening right now to us, this very moment, then I’ll hedge my bets…nothing serious at all and whatever it is we just deal with now.

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