Challenges are a blessing

When we are faced with a challenge, as in a real challenge that is beyond the day-to-day stuff, then we can see just how conscious we really are.

It is easy to be at peace and joyful when nothing much is going on. The mind can be relatively silent.

Of course, challenges are there to help us to experience, to observe and ultimately grow. We grow by realising just how much the deep ingrained mind patterns, deep within our mind, are still playing.

If we can see them we can learn to dissolve them.

If everything was plain sailing, then what would be the point of life. It would provide no experiences.

We learn to go deeper into our very essence and being at every challenging moment.

If we accept that, then we can enjoy the challenges and see them as a blessing.

4 thoughts on “Challenges are a blessing

  1. I have a theory about challenges that most of them are actually protecting us from something that is not meant for us – it can feel really miserable in the moment as our biggest dream can be at stake but most of the time these roadblocks are diverting us into a much better and more suitable path which we will not be able to recognise at the exact moment as our mind is clouded by our biased perspective. But in time, from a healthy distance, everything becomes quite clear. As Steve Jobs said, we can only connect the dots looking backwards.

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