If we forgive

If we forgive the pain has gone, we do not need to carry it. Whatever happened, it happened, and the moment we accept it and move forward with forgiveness is the moment the pain will go too. The moment and the event has gone, and is in the past. Now is all that matters.

It allows closure, we choose, we allow ourselves to let go, to be free of the mind and its desire for retribution. The ego wants revenge, the soul wants peace.

Acceptance and forgiveness go hand in hand with inner peace, healing and joy. We may not be happy about what happened, however, even if the surface of the water is turbulent, the bottom of the sea is always calm.

That is the same with us when we forgive, we are the calm of the deep ocean, when we fight and allow hate, revenge, anger and other emotions to come, then we become turbulent like a sea in a storm. We can be unhappy but still be at peace with it, only when we let go.

Forgiveness is not easy, but it is better than a lifetime of pain and hate for something we can never change.

2 thoughts on “If we forgive

  1. I am working on forgiveness especially towards myself. It hurts me to continue to hold on to all of that pain And today I’m choosing to let love flow from me and hatred.. Thank you for this!

    1. Thank you for comment, it is not an easy thing to do, but like all things that are worth doing they become easier. In a weird way it’s easy not to do, and then that brings pain and hardship. Hard things become easier and the opposite easy things become hard. Pain comes from the mind and as long as we realise the real us is not our minds, we are not the thinker, then we can become free from pain.

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