No more burnt offerings

I heard on the radio today that there is a ‘smart’ oven available now that knows what type of food is in it, wow, and therefore how long to cook it for, thus avoiding future burnt offerings. Also, it is linked to Amazon’s Alexa, perhaps to order another whatever the oven is cooking, and has a camera so that you can watch your food cook, in fact, one person sent the stream to his sister on the other side of the world, who clearly must have an exciting life.

Great! Well, not really.

The quest for ever more technology by removing learning or the need to develop any skills in cooking, for example, is destroying everything that is human.

These kind of tech advances are not just for cookery, they are for almost everything in life now. The search for convenience and removing risk is killing the very essence of life. Soon we will be almost vacuous bodies, chipped and connected to the web like a dumb router for others data.

Burning the dinner leads to learning and keeps us human, sitting watching a smart oven cook it is the beginning of the end for human learning and life. And watching someone else’s dinner cook…WTF.

Keep burning the dinner.

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