The day I dreaded

It’s here, the day I dreaded. No, I haven’t got a dental appointment tomorrow, although that would be dreadful. There is no tax form to complete, not that I know of. I am not turning 40 or 50…I’ve done that and neither were particularly bad.

The list of things that I could dread thankfully isn’t huge, but after 1,000 blog posts and well on the way to a completing a 3rd year of blogging every day, today was the day when I really had nothing to say.

I blogged about this and said, there would always be something to write as I always have got something to say, we never get talkers’ block so, therefore, how can we get writers’ block.

Well, today I sat for ages and nothing inspired me. For the first time ever, no matter how hard I tried, no spark, no inspiration.

So today’s blog is a big fat nothing.

Back again tomorrow.

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