Small stuff

Why do we sweat about the small stuff and then things that really matter often get forgotten?

I am not sure I know the answer…

Perhaps, the stuff that matters is scary, requires us to be vulnerable, to come out of our comfort zones, it requires us to be brave. So, we distract ourselves with small ‘fry’ stuff.

Frustration comes through and that is often why I find myself getting annoyed with others sometimes about trivia. It is a frustration with myself caused by shying away from stuff that really matters and so I take it out on others.

The solution…again, I am not sure I know entirely, other than, let the small stuff go, get braver about the stuff that will matter to you at the end of the journey.

For me it is about less is more, but when you let the trivia go and focus on stuff that counts, then there is no more hiding place and that is scary.

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