Half the picture

Sometimes I have, and still do, make decisions with only half the picture. In fact, in the past almost all of the time.

Why? Simply because I told myself, I already know how to do that or I have experienced that before. Sure, many situations are the same and therefore learning is gained through experience. But, I thought I know, I don’t need to find out everything.

However, not all situations are the same and maybe I believe that I have handled the best I can because it worked last time.

But I was kidding myself and not stretching myself. I am accepting ‘just good enough’ and I am not taking all the elements into account. I was dismissing others experience and knowledge, thinking ‘I know best’.

I have now started to try and see the full picture, ask more questions, listen more, talk less. Shit, that is hard.

What have I noticed? Well, a great deal more than before. I am seeing things from others perspective and that has been enlightening. I am realising that I do not own the exclusive rights to be right about everything and knowing always what is best.

Not every decision has to be taken with such great care, but for the ones that matter, I am learning to make even better ones.

Like all things in my life, it is a work in progress, but the clearer the picture, the better the chance of making a better decision. Just another step in journey.

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