Santorini and daily art

Yesterday, I was searching images for something to inspire me for my daily art. Along with my blog and writing journal, I do a daily piece of art. Sometimes just a simple drawing, other times a more detailed painting.

I find the daily art hugely rewarding, a form of meditation, a time to switch off, unwind and relax.

It also leads me to find out about things, that perhaps I would have never done.

Santorini was created by one of the biggest volcanic eruptions ever and there was 200-foot thick deposit left on the island, one the largest deposits of material from a volcano ever recorded.

Yes, a beautiful island, famed for the blue domes and picturesque skyline of the main city of Fira. However, a place of extreme geological violence, that reminds me that the world we believe to be so certain can all be changed by the forces of the planet.

If you get a chance, pick up a pencil or paint and do some daily art, it’s fun, relaxing and you can learn too.

Sounds a bit like some naff advert for an art class, but it’s one of life’s pleasures that goes back to early humans painting the walls of their caves.

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