Finely balanced ecosystems 

I watched a video yesterday about the amazing effects that had occurred due to the re-introduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park. How, not having wolves there for so long had led to a complete imbalance that was destroying vegetation due to no predators for the deer, which in turn meant less trees, less birds, less beavers and so on.

Within 6 years of their re-introduction there were quiet stunning effects, the deer stayed out of certain areas so that the habitation came back in everything.

As humans we do not realise our impact that our decisions have on the natural habitat that we are a part of and this is a great success story, but there are many more disastourous stories.

The interesting thing too, we have our own ecosystems and we are even less tuned into them than the natural ones, well maybe the same, as few are tuned into the natural ones either.

So, cuting back on sleep, or starting eating something new, or changing exercise or a whole variety of different things can seem tiny or of little importance, but over time they will lead to much bigger changes.

Just one extra biscuit a day could lead to diabetes in 5 years, walking less each week could lead to obesity in a few years and so on. 

We have an ecosystem that needs respecting and finely balancing.

Life is made up of small things that amount to giant leaps over time. However, smaller things are harder to spot and easier not to focus on.

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