The loan’s approved

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The loan is approved.

Your club membership has been approved my the committee.

Your application to the diving club has got approval.

The planning consent for your extension has been approved by the council.

Your holiday request form has been approved by the supervisor.

You are approved to join our Facebook group.

And so on…………..

There are many things that we need approval for supposedly.

Choosing how to live our lives, what we do or don’t and what we choose to spend our time doing each day, doesn’t need anyone else’s approval.

It’s our life, our choice, to live it how we want and we need to stop seeking the approval of others, none of us needs that, others do not have authority over our choices, we do.

We need to have complete belief in ourselves and what we are capable of. The opinions of others are just that and it is not the critic or other persons view that matters, it is ours that counts.

Approve yourself, remove the excuses, and get on with a guilt free and liberated life that needs no one else’s signature.

We are approved by ourselves only and we are then responsible for the outcome of our choices.

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