Same paint pot different label


We sit at ours desks, working for someone else.

We are creating value for that business and are exchanging the value we have created for an income.

The value is shared by our boss/bosses and the cost of running the business.

This is disheartening. So we leave to set up as a freelancer to create the value for ourselves only.

The key to success with this route is to create something truly valuable, something new, something different, to solve something that we passionately care about.

If we are hoping to offer the same ‘paint pot’ with a different label on, don’t be too surprised if we do not create a lot of value for ourselves and we may end up with little or no income.

Value in any business is created by providing solutions to your customers’ challenges, valuable enough that they are prepared to pay what it is worth and that is not about price.

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