What do we really care about?


If we truly care about something, if it burns so deeply in our hearts, if there are strong emotions attached to it, if it matters to us and potentially affects the people who matter in our lives, then we act, we do something about it.

Often, we think something matters and we complain, we moan, we get angry online, but many times that is it.

The route of the Dakota pipeline mattered to the brave people who took action and they halted the giant corporations from their plans, they saved their drinking water and sacred lands, it mattered deeply. They truly cared.

People often talk about caring, but it is the bravest people who do something, who act instead of talking, who take the risks necessary to make a difference, to bring about change.

We all have to be the leaders and the change we want to see. We have to act for the things we care about, whatever that is.

We are individually never too small to make a difference, it is just a question of what we truly care about.

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