The multi-task myth

IMG_8441 (1)

Among the many myths of the industrialised world, the ‘multi-task’ myth is one of the biggest.

We are sold and told that the ability to do several things all at the same time is some magical skill that we must aspire to.

It’s all part of the ‘hustle’ and macho bullshit that we are somehow a ‘killer’ business person if we are juggling several tasks all at once.

It is all part of the mainly shallow, dull and repetitive work that most do as cogs in someone else’s machine.

The best work comes from a deep focus on one task at a time, where we shut off the ‘multi-tasking’ also known as email consumption, social media ‘dicking about’ and instant gratification. In fact, it is just an addiction to doing ‘stuff’ regardless of it’s value to our lives.

The more we can create long periods of time shut away from distractions and multiple low-value tasks, the more we can condition our brains to do deeper, better work.

‘Single-task’ the most important thing first every day and focus on that only.

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