Why not will


Why power is what makes things happen not will.

Once you have discovered your ‘why’ power then sure you need willpower.

Your ‘why’ is what lives in the heart, it’s the strong emotion that drives you, it is the reason you will jump out of bed in the morning. It is what others will love or hate about your creations or cause.

If you are asked to run a marathon, but you don’t deep down want to, the willpower will run out, it’s not sustainable. If you are doing a job that you don’t like willpower might keep your head above water, but only for so long. If you are passionate about the job and then the willpower will come to help you be the best not just survive.

If you love doing a thing, then it is easier to create and maintain the willpower that brings about a commitment to your goal or dream. Commitment is essential to turn a dream into reality, just having a cause isn’t enough.

However, ‘Why’ power creates willpower and without it, the willpower fades.

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