The environment


I am not talking about saving trees or saving the planet, although that is a truly worthy cause, but for another post.

I am talking about the environment that we are in from the moment we are born to right here now, the moment I am writing this and the moment you are reading it.

Do you take a moment to analyse the environment you are in not just now, but day-in-day-out?

More than the physical environment, I am thinking about the emotional environment, about the people you surround yourself with.

It is the greatest impact on our lives from our first breath to our last. Of course, until a certain age, we have little choice on some of the environment as a child. That period has a huge impact on our later lives, so perhaps the thought here is what environment are we creating for our children?

Once we are an adult we then have a greater choice.

If we are with negative people, or in a draining working environment, doing a job we hate. If we allow people to shame us, allow people to make us feel bad, this has a huge impact on our lives. If we are in an environment that has no love, no kindness, no compassion, no support, no empathy, then it’s time to find a new environment and new people to be with.

The thing is life is all about choice and so is the physical and emotional environment that makes up our life.

Analyse your current emotional environment and how is it serving your life? How does it make you feel? What could you change to make it better serve your goals and dreams? What people are not serving you?

Happiness and joyfulness is a choice, but it is hard to achieve in the wrong environment with the wrong people or the wrong influences.

We need to create our own loving, kind, caring and supportive emotional environment.

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