To infinity and beyond


This is a such a well-known phrase thanks to the creative genius of the guys from Pixar who brought us Bugs Life, Toy Story, The Incredibles and so on.

Now owned like so many things by a giant corporation, Disney, however, it started out in 1974 by Alexander Schure and with a group of others they had the dream to create the first animated film. After many years they realised they need to be part of a real film studio and ended up setting up with Lucasfilm after being approached by George Lucas.

Later they’d break away with the help of Steve Jobs and then eventually they would end up selling to Disney.

The point of this is that it took them over 30 years to go from an idea to being part of a giant corporation. Patience is what you need to make it big if making it big is what you want.

The other point is, they had to modify what they stood for over time to end up in the hands of Disney.

Most of us don’t deep down want to be the next Pixar, owned by a giant corporation. Most of Pixar’s groundbreaking best work and creations came before they were Disneyfied.

If your interest in life is creating your best, meaningful work and leaving a legacy, then do it for you. Don’t aim to be BIG and remember it takes a long time and a lot of practice to make your best ‘art’.

Simply aim for soulful and meaningful work, aim for infinity and beyond not the money, shortcuts, and instant gratification.

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