Repeats used to be very popular as a way of running low-cost TV. Find a show or film and keep putting it out again and again. This was always very popular during holiday periods, but just how many times can you watch Home Alone, The Alamo, The Great Escape, ET or Back to The Future?

However, it doesn’t work unless you repeat something that is remarkable, that stands out, that is worthy of a second or even tenth look.

If it’s worth repeating then actually it’s a great way of reinforcing your message or sharing your work and building fans of your content. After all, I think I’ve watched Goodfellas, The Godfather 1 & 2 (never was a huge fan of 3), Star Wars IV, V & VI, Casino and a few other films so many times I can almost recite the script word for word.

The same with our content, if you have an idea, a theme, something worthwhile to others, then there is no harm in repetition, after all, your entire audience are rarely so glued to your content that they see every single tweet, Facebook update or blog post.

Now you’re going to need to be imaginative in terms of how you get that repeating message out there, but the same theme can be presented in many different ways, with different angles and different examples.

Just repeating shit stuff because it’s easy and cheap is not going to bring anything other than shit results. However, creatively repeating a great message or cause or whatever you want to share with the world is going to bring great results over time.

There needs to be a repeating thread in order to keep the right people connected to your cause.

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