Lightning learning


If you want to change something, then you need to find a way of accelerating your learning.

You can only accelerate your learning by doing more.

Doing more comes from building a habit.

It’s the building the habit that is the challenge initially. However, armed with a real deep down desire to change something, the commitment to do the daily habit forming routines, to do the practicing, to cut the new pathways in the brain, to build the momentum, comes easier and easier the longer down the path of change that you go.

Learning like anything else, gets better with practice, so as time passes the learning ‘muscle’ gets stronger and stronger, and you learn faster and faster.

You will reach a point of lightning learning compared to where you previously were and the more you continue, the more the compound effect takes place.

Like all things that are worth it in life, it takes time and patience with yourself. However, the quicker you are able to learn things, the faster you can accelerate your self-development and change becomes faster too.

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