Spend on people not things


We all need money in life and there is nothing wrong with money. There is nothing wrong in people or businesses making money.

It is what we then choose to do with that money that matters.

If we choose to accumulate money purely to buy a lifestyle and spend it on material things, hoping that will bring happiness, then it might be a very long wait for happiness to turn up.

However, another option is to accumulate money and spend it doing activities with others, with friends, with loved ones. This is where the joy of life comes from because this is where we create memories, legacies, this is how we leave memories in the heads of others to enjoy after we have ended our journies.

No one remembers paying the bills or how many iPhone upgrades we had. The size of our house, car, bank balances or the labels on the clothes we wear will matter not at the end of our lives.

The places we visited, the activities we enjoyed, the people we met, the people we loved, the people we helped and the ‘art’ we created and shared will be what matters.

Spend with people, create abundance to help others not to buy things.

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