Selling certainty


For all those who are in the business of selling certainty, stop it, you can’t sell it. It doesn’t exist and you are manipulating others purely for a financial gain.

For all those wanting to buy certainty, stop it, you can’t buy it, no matter what the ‘guru’ is telling you. All you are seeking is to shortcut hard work and being personally accountable.

Certainty, even if it existed, is boring and it is a tool used to get us to comply through fear and satisfying our seeming desire for instant gratification versus patience, meaning and the sense of achievement that follows hard work.

So sure death is currently a pretty certain outcome for us all, the other part of the well-known phrase, ‘taxes’, is now only a certainty for some. That apart, all the rest is an unknown outcome varying from reasonably certain to completely unknown.

In the business world, the peddlers of certainty are selling you something that you can’t simply replicate and turn into a money making winning formula in just 6 months!! You are not someone else, their thing has been done, and if life was as simple as reading a book, watching a course online or going to seminar then there would be a) no point to life and b) why aren’t the peddlers busy making millions instead of selling us their ‘magic formula’?

Don’t fool for short-cuts and don’t try to sell them. Find something in life that is risky, rewarding and meaningful.

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