Awareness and action


Awareness gives us the knowledge necessary to turn away from the myths that are created. Dangerous myths that lead to injustice, war, slavery, abuse, and many other wrongs that happen to humans, animals and the planet.

They are being created now and are there for all of us to question if we choose.

Be curious, learn, question and become aware of alternatives to what we have been lead to believe.

Awareness is vital, however, without action it is of little value.

Once you have new knowledge that dispels the myths, changes your views, only when we act upon that does change happen.

Fear, hate and judgement are the tools that the myth makers use to stop action by those who have become aware.They divide us and create causes for us to hate.

All the revolutionaries that have made change for the good, realised and became aware of what was wrong or needed to be changed and then acted in face of fear, hate, anger, ignorance and intolerance.

If you simply become aware and do nothing, then that is worse than the ones who follow the myths blindly in ignorance.

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