The path we choose


Life is a series of choices that we make.

Often we allow others to control or influence that choice, but when that happens, rarely does it go well. We feel that we are trapped or forced and that makes us unhappy.

It takes time to find the right path that will work for us and it does not matter which one you choose. However, we need to be the ones making that choice and doing it because it fits with our values, our why and what matters to us.

If you have chosen a path that is not inspiring you to jump out of bed in the morning, or if it is not making you happy, then the good news about life is we can always change the path.

Sometimes it just needs a slight change in direction and other times a big bold change. No matter how much of a change it is, the sooner you start down another path, the better.

We all have our own unique pathways in life, we are here to make a difference in some way and the right path will lead to a happy and fulfilling life. Taking that path will often require being brave and willing to be vulnerable.

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