Shelf life


There is a shelf life to ideas in the same way as there is to milk, eggs, cheese and so on.

Ideas are there often for a moment, and then can easily be gone, or replaced by a different one.

We have so many ideas in our heads every day.

By writing down our ideas, we are taking the first step to creation.

Then if we dare to share them with the world, we have taken the second, and most important step. We have actually created something.

Private thoughts are just that, but by using whatever medium you choose to connect and share with others, you are actually creating something. Initially, if only a connection, or just placing your idea in the minds of others, but it is a start, it is no longer just a thought.

What we do with that creation is then upto us and the people that we have shared it with.

Leaving ideas in our head, risk them being lost to eternity, like so many incalculable number of ideas that the human race has had, but didn’t take from their heads to give to the world.

Like our ideas, we have a shelf life too. Don’t expire from this world leaving all your ideas as just thoughts in the private world of our heads.

What will you do you do with yours? What could you gift to the world? Or shall we all just keep following the same safe, bland path? Why do we trade our freedoms and abandon our ideas so easily?

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