Don’t forget you are human


In life, when we are bombarded from all directions with advice, tips, recommendations, directives and instruction, it is easy to forget that we are all human. We are not precision engineered machines, that simply are programmed to do every single thing correctly.

In fact, even the best machines, or pieces of software, or automation, break down. Nothing is perfect, thankfully.

However, there is more pressure than ever to be faultless, to not say the wrong thing, to play safe to avoid mistakes.

We can also get drawn into the blame game and look for others to deflect blame onto, in order to protect ourselves.

It is important to recognise that others are only human too.

We will all have off days, we will all feel a little down at times, we will all have our challenges and that’s OK. In fact it is more than OK, it’s normal, we can choose not to allow the pressures or the criticism from others take that away. Equally, we need to be compassionate to others and use empathy, not criticism.

Be kind to yourself and others.

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