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Today I travelled with my family to Norfolk for a few days of switching off by the seaside.

We left late morning and arrived in rather gloomy, dark and rainy, late afternoon.

It already seems like we have been away from home for ages.

That is the strange thing about time, if you do something different, or you travel, time seems to go slower.

It is important for all of us to take time to be away from home, relaxing and off the grid.

Time is a choice. You choose how quickly it passes and what you do with the time you have.You control it. There is one unknown factor for all of us, how much time we have left.

Use your time how you want to, use it in the way that makes you happy.

Don’t let others steal your time.

One thought on “Time

  1. “Don’t let others steal your time.”
    This sentence is so powerful. I always like being on my own but since I experienced psychosis in the beginning of the year, I like it more than most.

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