What next?

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As we approach the year end, there is the feeling of ‘what the hell, it can all start again in January’, we get to that point where we relax, switch off mentally until after the holidays.

Then in January, with a little bit of a spring in our step, thanks to a break, we start over again for another year.

It does not have to happen, only at year end, although that becomes a natural time of reflection, as everything shuts down, we can stop and think ‘what next?’ at any point in life.

If we do not pause at some stage in our lives, then the routine sets in, and we can drift from one period to another, without taking stock of our journeys towards our life goals. Without realising that our life has become a little dull.

If we are not curious about what is next in our lives, then they can become stale and lacking in excitement. That does not mean that we have to be in a constant state of change and never settle.

However, without daily, weekly, monthly changes to our routines, the less likely we are to move towards our dreams or goals in life. They don’t have to be huge changes, but doing a small thing slightly differently, brings new outcomes.

Change is exciting, it makes life seem fuller and it leads to new opportunities, that would never come about otherwise.

So what is next in your life?

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