Good vs Evil, a question of perspective


The world has easily taken to this simplistic view of good versus evil, it is an easy way to sell a viewpoint.

Once you involve this concept, it is easy to gain support for your argument.

Who would, after all, choose to back ‘evil’?

But good or bad is a question of perspective.

Very few things are so clear cut, and the issues that this ‘good vs evil’ measure are applied to, are far more complex.

But complex leads to different opinions and leads to possible disagreement, simplification is easy. The sellers of a view, rarely like to have complexity.

Selling an idea involves manipulation. Influencing others to consider different aspects of a situation, or an issue, are often gained through inspiration and by leading by example.

However, most things that are easy in life are of little value. The more meaningful things require hard work, effort and often require the bravery to challenge the easy option.

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