A spiral of doom…really!


There are times in life where we allow ourselves to let a series of random, unrelated, and often one-off events, somehow to become all connected with each other.

We only seem to do this with negative events, bad news, and not with good positive things, which we often see in our heads as ‘lucky’ or nothing to do with the hard work and effort we have been putting into achieving something.

We are conditioned to focus on mistakes, failure and bad things. This is all part of the fear system that is all to prevalent in our culture.

We connect all these ‘bad news’ things to convince ourselves that there is this pattern of doom occurring and we have gone from everything going well, to our lives collapsing around us, all due to 3 or 4 things that happen at the same time.

Now there can be consequences of ‘bad decisions’, that if not recognised and no action taken to remedy, can of course lead to worsening of a situation.

However, the things are only related, if we choose to relate them in our heads. They are hardly ever related.

Then we need to get a sense of perspective on these events, to realise that it is highly unlikely that any of them are a matter of life or death, and on that scale of 10 being death and 1 not being that important, most of them will fall close to 1.

None of them will be anything that we can’t deal with and all of them will pass, and much sooner than we realise.

If we allow these things to become connected and allow it to zap our confidence, then they can become self-fulfilling. As we allow this to drain us, we tend then handle the situation badly and then more challenges can occur.

Remember what you have achieved to get you to where you are, remind yourself of all your success, as none of it would have been sheer fluke or luck. No one suddenly turns from success to failure overnight and we are all in possession of amazing skills and ability. In fact no one is a failure, it doesn’t exist.

It is all about remaining confident of that, no matter what events come our way and then choosing not to connect all these random things into a spiral of doom.

We only create and maintain our best with total faith in ourselves and we have every reason to keep faith. We have come all this way on our amazing life journeys, so no need to panic, no need to feel down because of a few challenges.

Every reason to believe and carry on creating of best.

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